100% iconic.

Industrial Clothing Company needed to raise its profile as an endorsement brand which could be both business to business and business to consumer facing. Enabling a House of Brands strategy which would allow for additional brands to exist alongside their already successful brands, Salty and Javlin.

Industrial Clothing Company


  • Brandmark Design
  • Brand Design
  • Visual Language
  • Brand Strategy

Somewhat Industrial.

This project was an exercise in how to avoid the cliches of category visual language. Avoiding cogs and grunge, the solution to this challenge is found in the initials of the company name, ICC. The lovely combination of two round letters and a slender one offered the possibilities of a mirrored monogram, which once rotated 45º created an unexpected twist. This allowed for all sorts of supporting marketing language. The 45º aspect of the symbol also inspired the chevron supporting graphics which are rendered as overlays reinforcing the industrial feel of the brand.