Kiss of Pink!

Strawberry Lips is famously known as a delicate blend of strawberry flavoured cream liqueur laced with premium gold tequila. It’s a top-selling and proudly South African drink. The challenge was to redesign the Strawberry Lips packaging to enhance the brands’ shelf presence to gain more brand prominence amongst competitor brands. 

All existing Strawberry Lips brand elements were re-evaluated, with unnecessary elements being discarded and other elements being accentuated. The strawberry mirror ball together with iconography of pink lips is what informed the new look and feel to create a consistent visual language. The strawberry mirror ball as a visual device echoes the core essence of Strawberry Lips – being social, fun, upbeat and vibrant. All of the elements that accompany the strawberry mirror ball such as the pink lips and the mirror reflection rays have been crafted to complement each other, but can also be used independently. To further accentuate the packaging, foil was introduced to provide an eye-catching element which boosts shelf presence.

The vibrant colour palette is inspired by the different colours reflected on a disco ball. This new look and feel was successfully applied to the new packaging of Strawberry Lips and other brand collateral, positioning Strawberry Lips as the life of any party and an essential accessory for a great night out.

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