From fuddy duddy to..

Dunhill is a British brand of cigarettes named after the English tobacconist and inventor Alfred Dunhill. It is currently owned and manufactured by British American Tobacco.

British American Tobacco


  • Brand Strategy
  • Conceptual Design

Sometimes the design process requires a reboot.

Declining sales and an image synonymous with burgundy Rolls-Royces and a bygone era out of step with modern consumers required a rethink. Dunhill realised that exploring different type faces, various burgundy options and the thickness of gold borders was basically just reshuffling deck chairs. What was really required was some true out-the-box thinking. Now imagine that you are your favourite designer. A designer that’s influential across any design discipline, from fashion to architecture or from graphics to industrial design. Now design a brand from scratch through the lens of that designers eye. This novel thinking formed the basis of the conceptual design phase of the project.

The final solution after months of design refinement and market research was inspired by an influential Japanese fashion designer and his famous range of pleated clothing. The actual design and packaging rollout of which was completed by external packaging design consultants.