Humanlives become meaningful when they are used to create something worthwhile – something that enhances the gift of life. By harnessing technology and human ingenuity, Sunesi has set out to improve the quality and efficiency of health care – and to do this with integrity and commitment. Sunesi Clinical Systems is an information technology company in the medical field-providing point-of-care diagnostics, digital clinical patient records and an Internet-based medical data platform.

Sunesi Clinical Holdings


  • Nomenclature
  • Brandmark Design
  • Brand Design
  • Photographic Direction
  • Visual Language
  • Brand Strategy


The brand name borrows from old and new to create a harmony of ancient principles and modern technology. Sunesi is the phonetic representation of synesi, an ancient Greek word meaning the creation of goodness from  unity. In its new form, Sunesi incorporated the word “sun” which relates, in perfect synergy, back to the company symbol. The typeface is unique to the brand and represents the core principles of the company, by creating a sense of classic balance, order and harmony, with a contemporary slant.

Sunesi is involved in the most ancient of all human pursuits – ensuring survival and a greater quality of life. The brand therefore drew inspiration from antiquity, taking two ideas and making them one. The simple dot at the centre of a circle represents the sun, and stands for constancy. It symbolises life, hope and optimism. The circular form depicts infinity, perfection and a sense of wholeness. In its broadest sense, the Ouroboros is symbolic of time and the continuity of life. A sense of twisting motion provides the impression of progression and dynamism, while openings encourage the harmonious flow of positive and negative forces. The head is placed at the 1 o’clock position, illustrating the start of a journey.

The brand elements are supported by the inclusion of a dynamic interplay of two circular shapes, which echo the connection between the tittle of the i and the central dot of the logo. The boldness of the visual language is further complimented by a commissioned black and white photographic library of the Sunesi management and staff.