Colour my life!

Gosh Cosmetics is an innovative cosmetics company from Denmark. Founded in 1945 as a pharmaceutical company, Gosh quickly moved into the cosmetics industry, and is now known for its innovative, colourful and trendy cosmetics that are fun and inspiring to use.



  • Photographic Direction
  • Visual Language
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Brand Strategy

Who doesn’t want to be painted?

When Edcon negotiated the exclusive rights to import and distribute Gosh Cosmetics in 2013, it needed a differentiated visual language to support the brands youthful appeal. The main differentiator was the trendy and colourful expression of its products. To highlight this a series of striking images were commissioned to express the brand essence. These images were used in billboard, in-store poster and various other value-added collateral.